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The Vast and the Trivial

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The vast


The trivial, taking a selfie :-X


To provide context, I was at the Acadia national park on Maine’s Mount Desert island (Click here for the location on google maps). A beautiful and well maintained recreational area that includes trails, sand beaches, ocean fronts, lakes, etc to keep you occupied for the duration of your stay.

The national park borders the north Atlantic ocean and provides spectacular views of the ocean from many different spots and drives on the island. Staring at the ocean is a very spiritual experience. You are blown away by the vastness, the sheer scale and you begin to wonder about your very own existence, your purpose, and most importantly (at least for me), your importance! To give some more perspective, click on the google maps link above and see what I am talking about. The park which is 47,000 acres in area is a tiny spec which borders a very tiny part of the north Atlantic ocean. If what I saw, a tiny part of the ocean, was so very vast and unending, then what is the scale and enormity of the whole Atlantic ocean ? How big is the earth ?

Staring at this vastness puts you in trance, a very blissful and enlightening experience. I never get tired of staring at the ocean. I suppose nobody does. The sound of the waves, the smell of the water and the unending body of water. All this puts ones own prominence into proper perspective. Your everyday fight for attention, recognition, success all become trivial, a mere fight for survival. Your existence or the lack of does not make any difference to this magnificent and beautiful planet.

I urge the readers, if there are any :P, to go to place where you can stare at the ocean at length and in solitude. You will return as a different person.


Written by Vivek S

July 5, 2016 at 12:01 am

Posted in Leisure, Spiritual

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