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Table Tennis

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Table tennis has been on my mind for some time now. The more I play, the more I want to and every time, I want to play it better than I did the last time. This desire of mine has me made think of joining some table tennis classes or learning from someone who knows it better than me. I have gone through numerous YouTube videos on how to play table tennis and the various techniques involved. I have watched some great videos and also seen some good players play which makes me all the more excited to play like them.

To be frank, I have improved a lot if I look back at where I was when I first started playing, though I just get beaten black and blue by some good players in my office :-P. It’s not that easy a game to pick up initially. It has a certain kind of technique to be followed so that at least some of you returns and services fall in the other players court and you can be happy that it did so (I was when this happened :-)). My forehand is good, but my backhand is very poor. Except the chop, i can’t play any other shot. This weakness of mine is off course exploited by the other player and I end up on the losing side.

I know winning and losing is part of the game, but everybody wants to win, don’t they ? This thought of playing table tennis very well is consuming most of my thinking time and I can’t help but to think about it as I love playing the game. Some examples of this kind of behaviour of mine (This behaviour of the human brain is well described in this essay by Paul Graham) is when I first joined work and all I used to think about was the problem I was currently solving. The scenario was the same when I first started to swim.

The pattern above makes me think that this behaviour of the thought process occurs when I do something for the first time (is this the same for others too ?), when something is very interesting and fun to do, when something is at stake, otherwise why would I or anyone think about it ? In the case of table tennis I think it is fun and the possibility of being the best player in the office that makes me think about it. I want to be appreciated and appreciation is one of the major factors that drive people in their lives.

It’s common knowledge that it’s the journey of a player in reaching his goal that’s important rather than the goal itself. I will try to keep this in mind the next time I go out to play TT. Whether I will reach my goal or not, only time will tell.


Written by Vivek S

August 8, 2010 at 4:14 pm

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Need to earn more money

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I want to earn more money than I am currently doing. I think most of us have gone through this feeling. Whats the solution to this problem ? I have come up with some answers.

They are…

  • Start freelancing by doing small projects in your free time.
  • Invest in the stock market.
  • Change your job.
  • Ask for a pay hike.

The above solutions look good, but don’t know why I havn’t been able to do execute them. The reasons for each option are..

1st option:

This requires some work to be done upfront like creating a profile, marketing yourself as a freelancer, knowing what you are good at and pitching yourself in that area to potential customers etc etc. I havn’t been able to do any of these till now. I want to do freelancing in creating websites for individuals and small organizations. As I am a C and C++ programmer, I have little knowledge about creating websites and the technologies used there. I have to get my hands dirty first by creating some websites and get a hang of it before taking up some projects. The biggest concern though is whether I will be able get the time to do these projects if i do get some ?? I am a geek and technology excites me…hence learning is not a problem…but its the second one….the question of time (and also dedication and commitment) for the projects that worries me. Hence I have not been able to do any progress in this area.

2nd option:

I have invested a good amount of money in the stock market and have got some good returns too. But stock market investment is a long term option and you won’t get that additional money every month or even after an year sometimes. Also you cannot utilize the money that you have invested as you don’t have it. You cannot get out of stocks that are in RED as you don’t want to incur any loss and your money is locked in that particular stock till it is making some profit. Therefore I can say that the extra money that you want (preferably) every month is not what stock market investment gives you (unless you are a stock broker yourself)

3rd option:

This option can really give you that extra money if you find the right job. But there are concerns here too. I really don’t know whether I will get the same kind of work that I am doing currently. I love what I am doing right now. If I don’t get the right work to do, then that extra money will be of no use as I won’t be motivated to do anything with that money as the primary thing that I am doing is not exciting. I am a geek as i said above and want something that acts as food for my brain, otherwise I am least interested in doing such things. Hence I have not been able to change my job.

4th option:

He hee… 🙂 This is a tricky area. I got a very good hike last year and theres another one scheduled this september. I can negotiate the percentage, but I don’t think much can be done about it as its the management which decides the percentage and whether I have been productive or not 😛 . I am optimistic though as the initial signs are that, I will be getting a good percentage this time too. But will this hike plug the hole that I am taking about ? What if I don’t get a good hike…I need something other than my work to fill this need and the hike is going to happen sometime in the future…what about till then ?

This is where I am right now (In limbo … watch Inception) wanting more money and doing nothing about it or in some cases things are not working out the way i expect them to be. Is there a fundamental flaw in my need ? Is my need flawed ? Can’t I have both money and good work together…do i need to do something else ? Am I being greedy here ? Will ponder on these things and write about it when i have a breakthrough.

Written by Vivek S

July 25, 2010 at 10:00 am

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