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Why Roger Federer loses to Rafael Nadal

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1. Roger Federer is far less tough in his mind than Rafael Nadal. Don’t get me wrong here. He’s tougher than everyone else but Nadal. There is no one on the planet who fights like Nadal.

2. Roger Federer plays a toned down game of grass court on clay where he tends to hit the ball on the rise and with pace which doesn’t help his cause at all. Clay court requires a totally different game than grass or hard court.

3. Most important of all, Federer plays Rafael Nadal, his tormentor rather than playing the ball. Nadal’s in his mind and he plays him, rather than playing the match like any other!

The finals of French Open was a brilliant game. This was Federer’s best French open and Nadal came through to win even though he wasn’t playing his best tennis. So there are positives for both the players. Federer got it right when he started the match. He seemed to have a plan. He played aggresively and was in no time up 4-1. Then everything went down. Nadal got some rhythm and started to get Federer’s tactics. The problem for Federer is that I don’t think he has a plan B. If he doesn’t get it right the first time, he struggles. Tactically Nadal is brilliant. He approaches every game as though it is his last. It’s also so amazing to see Nadal learn the grass court and hard court games so quickly whereas Federer has not been able to do the same on clay.

On the whole, it was a brilliant game of tennis and I wonder how many more days are left before this great rivalry comes to an end given the fact that Federer is nearing the end of his career. Till then feast your eyes on those wonderful moments in the history of this game when they both played magical tennis (Wimbledon finals 2007 and 2008, Australian open finals 2009). Two greats of the game.


Written by Vivek S

June 7, 2011 at 4:59 pm

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